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Building expansion is almost an inevitable for a fast-growing and successful business. No matter how well-thought-out your growth plan might have been you cannot anticipate every need you may have for your business operation in the future. When it comes to Custom Home architecture, a building design should be created with flexibility for future expansion in mind.

Why Do You Need an Architect For a Custom Home Building Expansion Plan?
There are many reasons why it may be time to hire an architect for a Custom Home building expansion. A few of the most common ones include:
New Staff: Perhaps your business is growing enough that you need to create new departments. You need to hire new staff to fill those departments and they need space to work in your facility. Shuffling staff around to different area is only a temporary solution. An expansion to dedicate a part of your building to each department is a great step towards increased efficiency.
New Inventory: As your business grows, you may need to stock a greater inventory count in order to provide timely services to your customers. If you’re not ready to buy a whole new warehouse, a Custom Home building expansion can be a cost-effective solution.
New Products: If you develop new product lines, you may require different tools and even different staff to fill those orders. A Custom Home expansion can provide a place to produce such needs.
New Technologies: New technologies are constantly changing the way we do business. In some cases, a new technological advancement in robotics could require a reshaping of your Custom Home facility in order to optimize its use.

What Type of Building Expansion Do I Need?
Once you know why you need a Custom Home building expansion, you need to ask yourself what you really require to accommodate your new situation. There are a number of possibilities to consider.
Are your needs significant enough that it makes sense to buy an entirely new building, or will an expansion of your current building be sufficient? Can you simply remodel your existing space or do you need to add on to what you have?
Ameristar can help you determine exactly what your expansion needs are and how to meet them, as well as consult with you on how best to keep your business running smoothly while the expansion is taking place.

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